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About us: who are we?

My Majorca Wedding is a renowned event agency with branches in Germany and Majorca. A creative and expertly-trained team, comprising Tia Cohen, Cristina Garcia, Sonia Hays, Chloe Mudhar, and Karl Tucker, operates under direction of Elena Moss. Celebrating 20th anniversary in 2024, My Mallorca Wedding contributors have a long working experience in the event business and in-depth knowledge about the enchanting island of Majorca.

Meet My Majorca Wedding Team

At My Majorca Wedding, we boast an exceptional team that has been expertly crafting bespoke weddings in Mallorca since 2004. With their unwavering dedication and unmatched expertise, our team is at the heart of transforming your wedding dreams into a breathtaking reality. Comprised of seasoned professionals who truly understand the significance of every detail, no aspect is overlooked. From the very moment you envision your perfect wedding, our team works closely with you, meticulously tailoring each element to reflect your unique vision and style. Drawing upon our extensive experience and profound knowledge of Mallorca's captivating landscapes, venues, and suppliers, we guarantee an extraordinary celebration of love. Trust us to curate an unforgettable experience that exceeds all your expectations, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Cristina Garcia

My Majorca Wedding’s Cristina Garcia, has worked in hotel management and hotel services in Majorca for more than 10 years. As a Hotel Director for some of those years, she has managed the ‘front-of-house’ element of some of the best 5 Star Hotels across the island. Thirty-two year old Cristina, was born and raised on Majorca by her Swiss/Spanish parents and is fluent in English, Spanish and German - as well as being more than competent in other European languages. Cristina will be a potential wedding clients first contact with My Majorca Wedding and is uniquely qualified to advise couples on their best options for a fantastic wedding within their budget on the beautiful island of Majorca. When she is not organising top class weddings for clients - Cristina is a talented singer who also likes to paint and write poetry. Couples looking to marry in Majorca will find no one better to make that wedding dream come true.

Tia Cohen

My Majorca Wedding’s Tia has been working in event production for over 25 years and has a wide experience in all kinds of events. She has been a concept designer for a list of well-known artists, making TV shows, music production, advertising, and editorial photography. Having also a background in the hotel industry all around the world Tia speaks fluently French, English, Spanish and Finnish. Residing on the captivating island of Mallorca, Tia brings her invaluable expertise and passion to the My Majorca Wedding team, ensuring our clients' wedding visions are transformed into breathtaking realities. Beyond planning unforgettable weddings, she enchants as a professional singer, specialising in French chanson music. With a harmonious blend of creativity and dedication, Tia sets unrivaled standards creating unforgettable experiences for couples on their journey of love.

Sonia Hays

Sonia Hays originally from Spain, went to London to improve her English and followed her passion studied various courses related to Fashion Management, Buying and Styling at London College of Fashion. Shortly after meeting her husband, now a former diplomat, she studied Business Management in Sydney, Australia. The travels continue and so does her career. Ending up in Mumbai, India for 5 and a half years, where she was fortunate enough to integrate into the society and got a good understanding of the intricate culture and traditions of India. Currently back in Spain after 25 years of worldwide adventures, Sonia is a highly regarded professional with extensive successful experience working in a variety of international markets in customer service, fashion, arts and events management. Skillful in communication and business development with a solid international network of contacts.

Elena Moss

Meet our Managing Director Elena Moss. With 25-year experience in brand building, client servicing, event and business management, Elena is dedicated to delivering outstanding business strategy for our business in Mallorca. As a natural leader, Elena has a proven track record of guiding and inspiring teams to achieve remarkable results. Her strategic mindset, a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating captivating experiences, ensure that our wedding events are meticulously planned, executed with precision and to perfection. Elena’s multilingual proficiency, combined with her strategic expertise and ability to collaborate with new partners, positions her as a valuable asset in making 'My Mallorca Wedding' brand recognised worldwide. With her passion for extreme water and winter sports, Elena brings a vibrant and energetic approach to our business.

Karl Tucker

Meet Karl Tucker, financial director of My Mallorca Wedding. With a background in transport, logistics, and project management, Karl brings a wealth of experience to the wedding planning industry. His attention to detail and sense of responsibility ensure flawless coordination and seamless operations. As a former property developer, Karl's financial acumen ensures budgets are managed efficiently. Beyond his professional skills, Karl's passion for racquet sports, golf, and hiking fuels his energy and enthusiasm in creating unforgettable wedding experiences. What truly sets Karl apart is his genuine care for clients. He takes the time to understand their visions and desires, creating personalized and meaningful weddings. Trust Karl and the team at My Mallorca Wedding to deliver a flawless and memorable celebration of your love.